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Vocal Recording

Audio Engineering

Music Production

We Specialize In:


Music Production

Every song we create tells a story of well crafted instrumentation harmonizing with your vision.


Audio Engineering

Your sound sets the tone of your entire brand. We’ll ensure yours is captivating & authentic.


Vocal Production

Your voice is an incredible instrument. Couple it with our production for maximum impact.


Session Musicians & Vocalists

When you’re looking to deliver your best work, nothing beats having gifted creatives on set.


Here are some of the other services we provide.

Whether it’s a Youtube channel or a commercial, we have the right jingles that will suit your brand.

We have a team of great songwriters that can help to turn your ideas into awesome melodies and lyrics.

Whether it’s a movie or a short film, we can help bring it to life.

We love to build shows that not only sound great but also create captivating moments for the audience.

Our Founders

Sean Samuels

Music Producer, Drummer, Musical Director, Durham College Music Business Advance Diploma Graduate, Artist Relations.

"Let us help you bring your dreams to a reality that you could only dream of."

Kirk Grange

Music Producer, Pianist, Musical Director.

"I'm looking forward to joining you on your journey as a musician."

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